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DMD-500J magnesium alloy auto quantitative melting furnace

Structural system : 1).The crucible made of special composite steel plate does not pollute magnesium liquid, and has antiseptic structure in it, and has long service life 2).Stainless steel shell and panel, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant(ZL201430063916.2) 3).Quantitative pump instantaneous flow design, maintenance time of more than 30 days(ZL201220249304.8) 4).The transmission tube is made of special corrosion resistant material. It can be replaced quickly and maintained for more than 30 days(ZL201120347014.2) 5).The preheating machine adopts a clamping mechanism, so that the liquid level control is stable, and the feeding precision is accurate(ZL201420137471.2) 6).Design of anti clogging magnesium alloy elbow(ZL201120322157.8) 7).Perfect cleaning tools(ZL201120323381.9) Control system: 1).Using SIEMENS PLC control center, 14’ large color touch screen. 2).Remote function can be realized 3).Imported KOFLOC flux control, protect gas flow, save gas, protect the Crucible

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Contact person: Velia
E-mail: dzmgunited@126.com
Phone: +86 (0755) 33183903
Mobile phone: +86 (0755) 15986610863
Fax: +86 (0755) 33183901


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Shenzhen DZ-United Technology Co.,Ltd
[Реюньон, SHENZHEN]

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